Composite Decking

Performance and innovation for a low upkeep product.

If you want to change the look and feel of a patio then composite decking will do that for you.

The surprising thing is that most DIYers end up spending more!

We are aware of this fact because many of our projects start with cleaning up a DIY project that money has been spent on

Top nine benefits of Patio Composite Decking. 



  • Low upkeep 
  • Large product range 
  • Less cracking, warping and has resistance to mould. 
  • Enhanced colours and textures in the product range. 
  • Eco-Friendly as many composites come from recycled products. 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Great underfoot with no splinters. 
  • ROI in under 10 years 
  • Slip resistant features. 

Comparing Composite Decking with Wood decking!

 When comparing wood with composite cladding and composite decking, we all know who wins every time. With a great track record composite decking helps nature, is solid and can handle our south African climate with ease. When you have composite installed you know you have a high standard product that can handle your lifestyle. 


We are Bryanston’s trusted decking installer. 

We offer between 10 year and 25-year warranties. It is no surprise that we have been installing composite decking in Bryanston for over 8 years. Talk with us and we will be happy to advise the cost per square meter for your unique project. 


Composite Decking - what is the product about? 

The first step when making composite decking is mixing a binding agent, wood fibers and recycled plastic. This value product is stronger than wood and robust. Perfect South Africa! 

The mixture is sometimes referred to as “plastic decking”. It is known to be weather resistant and has great durability. 

This decking product retains it looks, has less maintenance than wood, and only requires regular sweeping and the occasional wash with soap and water. 

Composite decking, is it worth it?


Most definitely yes. To understand this better let us have a look at how composite decking is made. As the product includes recycled wood and recycled plastic it is worth noting that no forest has been cut to make it. These recycled products are mixed with a high-density polyethylene plastic. Then sometimes a secret ingredient, recycled bamboo is added. Bamboo is a reinforcing additive. The result is a compressed synthetic resin. 

Finally, bonding agents and UV stabilisers are added. This gives composite decking unbelievable strength and durability. Additionally, the product can be recycled, has wonderful looks and is tough. This kind of product is WORTH it. 

Composite Decking advantages in South Africa 


  1. Composite decking is made for outdoors. 
  2. Excellent open air track record. 
  3. The product range is vast with lots of choice. 
  4. Decking boards can be installed on any level surface. 
  5. Little to no fade over the years 
  6. Long life span and keeps its original colour. 
  7. Sanding and varnishing a composite deck is not needed. 
  8. Value of the property where composite decking has been installed increases. 
  9. Environmentally friendly 
  10. Robust product range 
  11. Has slip and warp resistance. 
  12. Up to 25-years guarantee. 
  13. UV-resistance 
  14. Sweep and wash down for low up-keep. 
  15. Great return on investment 
  16. Less bugs. 
  17. Repels moisture. 

Composite care is much easier than wooden decking in South Africa. 

When we think of house appeal we think of composite decking and composite cladding. Memories are made on a composite deck. The thing is that these days we don’t want to continuously upkeep it. Keeping the cost of cleaning down is a bonus.

Your deck is exposed outside to rain, sun, wind and sometimes frost. Year after year how does a composite deck perform?

Wooden decks suffer in South Africa. Performance and looks dwindle quickly and need major seasonal maintenance. This might include sanding, wood protection, staining and varnishing. Even then they do not last long and need to be replaced often.

Those expenses pile up very quickly and the answer is Composite Decking. Composite decking benefits include resistance to UV, bad weather and dampness making it a no brainer. The product is full of enhanced performance, technical integrity and looks fantastic for an exceedingly long time.

Hat means that bad weather does not threaten your deck. There is no rotting, erosion, fading or warping.

That means that weather conditions do not threaten your deck. There is no rot, erosion, colour diminishing or warping!

Your deck still needs some love and care from time to time though. A simple sweep and wash will do.